Risk Assessment

Associations that get complacent about their position in their field or their market are destined to become one of the 100,000 associations that have gone out of business in America since the 1960's.

We can do a 360 degree risk assessment of any trade association or chamber to assess the risks posed by declining membership, declining revenues, ineffective communications, deficient organization and management to competition and government and other internal and external threats.

This service tells the leadership everything that poses a risk to the present and future of the organization and points to ways to implement corrective measures to set the company on the path to growth and success. Most volunteer Boards lack the expertise to carry this process out successfully and frequently the executive can feel threatened. If done well, this is an empowering experience for an executive and a learning experience for executive and Board.

Don't get too comfortable - we can help you with a 360 degree risk assessment of your organization.

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