Mergers & Aquisitions

Your members may face difficult choices about their futures if their companies are in markets where growth is difficult. Sometimes, merging with another company may make sense. In other instances, we have helped companies merging only a part of their operations where overhead and administration was duplicated and the result was a single entity providing adminstrative support and reduced costs for the participating companies. This isn't as difficult as a may sound, and provides for more efficient, less costly operations.

Our gbac Association Practice Group partners have 28 years of experience with helping companies see the value of their own companies and then that of other companies, identifying synergies between companies and negotiating successful mergers and acquisitions. Mergers are about synergies while acquisitions are about integration. The two are entirely different and we can be there with you from early identification of potential buyers/sellers through to the closing or end of the integration process.

Sometimes two is better as one and we can help make that vision a success.

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