Association Management

One of our oldest friends in the trade association business once said that running a trade association was one of the two toughest jobs around - the other being a manager of a country club. Between resource constraints and managing a board that may be akin to herding cats, association executives have their hands full almost all the time. As anyone who runs an association knows, you can't just call the usual temp agencies and find a seasoned association professional to help out in a pinch.

No business today is run the same way it was run even ten years ago, much less twenty or thirty years ago. To meet the challenges of running today's association or Chamber of Commerce we need innovative leadership that can challenge the status quo and see how to approach meeting and succeeding against the problems of today and tomorrow.

Whether your association needs some relief with professional association executive assistance, or if your association is going through a transition of their senior leadership, we can help. Those times need not be filled with anxiety, as the gbac Association Practice Group can work with either the paid staff or a volunteer Board to temporarily step in and run and organization during a transition.

In addition, we can work with a Board on how to structure a search for a new leader and be there through the entire process.

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