Legislative & Regulatory Affairs

Government at all levels challenges business as never before. Increasingly, the very value of your association will be judged by its members with how well their association steps up to defend and represent their interests.

The gbac Association Practice Group partners have had more than 35 years of experience with legislative and regulatory affairs that ranges from the halls of Congress and executive branch agencies and the White House in Washington to state legislatures, public utilities commissions and state agencies.

We have developed and then had oversight, communication and coordination of all state and federal legislative and regulatory initiatives including tax, transportation, energy [oil, natural gas & electricity markets from commodities to retailing], low income energy assistance, environmental [Markey-Waxman, climate change], energy commodity markets, financial services reform [Dodd-Frank, SEC, CFTC, Federal Reserve], health care [PPACA], environmental compliance [RCRA, CAA, Clean Water Act, CERCLA, EPCRA, Energy Policy Act, NEPA, OSHA, SDWA] and related budgetary issues.

We have led industry sector legislative, regulatory and communications strategies on financial services reform and energy commodity market initiatives protecting client financial interests, achieved successful consumer/media campaigns focused on consumer interests.

Our association practice has the strength and experience to assist any group with establishing and managing their legislative and regulatory affairs needs.

GBAC Association Practice Group

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