Energy Issues

Managing today's energy challenges is more complex and difficult than ever before. Being able to successfully navigate the petroleum, electricity and natural gas markets and seize the opportunities for enhancing energy efficiency and reducing energy costs means improving your members and client's profitability.

The Association Practice Group has more than thirty years of experience ranging from state, national and international energy markets.

We can show businesses how to improve on the methods of buying energy as well as enhancing the energy efficiency of their operations. In improving the buying of energy and using less energy, businesses can improve their profitability, reduce their carbon footprint and use energy more wisely.

We can also help your association develop energy supply affinity programs that lower your member's energy costs and return income to your association.


Our partners have had more than thirty years developing public policy, analyzing and engaging in public representation and commentary on energy issues from state houses to Washington. We can help your organization understand and work with energy markets, media and policy makers.

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