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At their heart, associations are retailers of information services. Developing the advertising and marketing of those information services, therefore, is a critical component of a successful association.

In the associations we have led over almost three decades, we developed the communications necessary to establish a strong connection between what our members wanted and what we did to fulfill that vision. As our associations grew and were profitable each and every year, we have learned more than a few lessons that can help your association with its own advertising and marketing strategy.

The gbac Association Practice Group can assist your association or chamber with crafting your message[s] and developing the strategy to deploy the message[s] to the target market[s]. This is a heavily data-driven service that weds the desire to hit the right target with first determining what that target really is - then allowing the data to drive the message. Associations and chambers have much to do and usually are given inadequate resources to get their mission accomplished.

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